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Becky Massey

Professional Dance Instructor

After graduating from Arkansas State University, Becky moved to Northeast Columbia and began ballroom dancing with her husband as a hobby. She quickly fell in love with dance and started taking regular lessons from Columbia’s Ballroom director and owner, Paul Lagatore, along with coaching and training sessions with the late Pete Taylor, former United States theater arts champion and national dance director of the Fred Astaire Dance studios, and with Susie Thompson, five-time United States rhythm dance champion. For a few years, she performed as an amateur in local exhibitions, including group and single partner dances, before taking a sabbatical to start a family. Her dance training with Mr. Lagatore resumed in January, 2015, and in October she began training as an instructor. As the newest member of the Columbia’s Ballroom staff, and as a proud parent of two future Lexington District One students, she is doubly excited for this opportunity to support the Lexington Educational Foundation!

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